Business case presentation on sports rebranding strategies

This week the #earlmyakers of the MSc in Sports Industry Management lived a very special and emotional moment with the Saint Raphaël Var Handball Club (SRVBH). After spending three months working on a sports rebranding  business case for one of the top Handball clubs located on the French Riviera, students finally presented their findings to Jean-François Krakowski, President of the SRVBH, as well as high-end representatives of the club including Emeric Paillasson, Head of Marketing, Communication and Commercial.

Taking on the role of consultants, students paired up in teams of 7 or 8 members and brilliantly presented their vision on how the Saint Raphaël Var Hanball Club should proceed to revitalize their brand in order to boost notoriety, sales, reputation etc.

Hear what students have to say about this unique business case :

When students submit sports rebranding  proposals!


The day started out with a welcome coffee for students and a quick briefing session before presentations begun. As the day went by the different groups confidently stood in front of the board members of SRVBH and challenged them by bringing innovative ideas to freshen the SRVBH logo, club name and visual identity, reposition their values and rethink their marketing and communication strategies in order to boost sales and business development. Without any fear of explaining their recommendations of “dos” and “donts” for the future and highlighting detailed benchmarks of the competition, students provided original concepts and gave well received insights supported by thorough research. A good sports rebranding business case for these future profesionals.

As they left the conference room, the Saint Raphaël Var Handball Club board members took a moment to congratulate the students on their findings and inspirational presentations given with great enthusiasm! Throughout their three month long project, Emeric Paillasson gave advice to the students and reviewed the progress of their work and he was very pleased to see the accomplishment.

sports-rebranding                                                sports-rebranding-2

Once again the dynamic groups of earlymakers proved that they know how to think outside the box, consider new angles when looking at market issues and convince experts that their ideas can be turned into tangible and « real-life » projects.

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