Round-up of ISC Geneva 2014!

This year’s International Sports Convention took place on 10th and 11th December 2014 at the Palexpo Conference Centre in Geneva. As the largest conference, networking and exhibition event for sport, over 2,000 of the leading buyers and decision-makers in the world of international sport attended.  Delegates could attend 18 different international sport conferences, with presentations given by 150 speakers from sports institutions and brands such as FIFA, Sky Sports, FIBA, World Rugby, UNICEF, Carlsberg and Pepsi.

Delegates also had the opportunity to network and interact with the 80 exhibitors during the 2 day event. EMLYON Business School had an exhibition stand for the event’s duration and the MSc in Sports Industry Management was also presented on the second day of the event during the Sports Education & Recruitment Expo in a presentation given by the Co-founder of the programme and sports industry expert, entitled ‘8 Universities in 8 minutes.’

The MSc in Sports Industry Management is a 16-month MSc programme specialised in the Sports Industry taught in three different locations; Paris, France, the Alps and Shanghai, China. Plus students get to put their academic knowledge into practice and acquire tangible experience within the industry with a 4-9 month internship in the international sports industry, with privileged access to a network of sport and outdoor industry organisations through the Outdoor Sports Valley partnership.

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Highlights from ISC Geneva 2014

The Sports Education & Recruitment Conference on day two of ISC Geneva included four interesting discussion sessions; The Changing Face of Sports Education, Education Legacy Post Sochi Olympic Games, The Power of Networks, the Learning Experience and Developing your Sports Business Career Panel Discussion, as well as an overview of the leading sports management courses in ‘8 Universities for 8 minutes’ in which the MSc in Sports Industry Management was presented by the Co-founder of the programme.


Jerome Champagne, Presidential Candidate for FIFA 2015 chose ISC Geneva to make a key address outlining his vision of the future of FIFA and future governance of the Football industry. Following FIFA’s unprecedented criticism about how it awarded the World Cups in Russia and Qatar, Champagne’s key message and vision was to re-balance the game in a world requiring more transparency. Jerome Champagne comments: “The imbalances in football today are our greatest challenge. They are endangering that which is the very strength and promise of our Sport – namely its universal nature and the opportunity that it gives everyone to play and to win.” He continued, “We have an important decision to make in 2015 – do we continue the path to elitism, or make football more democratic.”

The International Sports Digital Expo on the second day of the conference saw presentations from Twitter, You Tube, Google and Facebook about changing trends in how sport content is consumed and how sports institutions and brands can use these global platforms to bring fans closer to the sport. Tomos Grace, Head of UK Sport You Tube/Google stated that one of the biggest changes in 2014 is that football has overtaken American sports to be the biggest sport on You Tube, a surprising statistic for a US based platform. He talks of the opportunities for brands to monetise engagement with fans through You Tube: “We’ve seen particularly in the US that the majority of people under 30 are watching video or television on devices, not on the television set as they have done historically. You Tube is one of the main source of video that people are able to access on devices.”

As event partner to the ISC Geneva 2014, UNICEF presented at both the Sports Sponsorship Expo and at the Host Cities and Sports Events Conference. UNICEF has been a pioneer in the use of sport as a tool for addressing the needs of children around the world and partners with the world’s top sporting institutions and athletes to speak on behalf of the charity to advance children’s rights. Verity Nicolas, Chief Corporate Partnership UNICEF Private Fundraising said at the ISC Geneva 2014 “Sport is a huge business…so we will proactively reach out to sporting businesses, federations, institutions and individuals to talk about whether they would want to be involved in partnership with us…Sport has an incredible power to actually advance the rights of children and we work with them because they’ve got a huge global audience and they will speak on our behalf about those rights.”

During the Sports Broadcast conference, there were thought provoking presentations from the BBC, SkySports and Deltatre. Robert Horton, Head of Audiences for Sport & 5 Live BBC said “The top 10 peak moments across TV were all live events, 8 of which were sports, which just illustrates the power that sport has in bringing that mass market audience to our screens.”

During the Stadium and Venue Conference, there was an interesting talk by Joyce Cook, Managing Director of Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFÉ) about accessibility of stadiums and the need to think more about accessible design. “The biggest challenge is attitudinal” she said. “People believe that you can’t do anything about this because you have an old stadium that was built 100 years ago and that’s simply not true. And if you build a new stadium there’s no excuse, they should be inclusive and accessible to all.”

Plus the emergence of basketball as a global sport saw the first ever International Basketball Conference at ISC Geneva 2014, with presentations from FIBA and CSKA Basketball and involvement from Euroleague, Beko and BBL.

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ISC Geneva 2014 Conferences Day 1

  • International Football Development Conference; FIFA, South Africa Football and Credit Suisse
  • Sports Sponsorship Expo; UNICEF, Carlsberg and Pepsi
  • Host Cities and Sports Events Conference; UNICEF and Glasgow 2014 and IDHEAP
  • Sports Broadcast Conference; Sky Sports, BBC and deltatre
  • International Basketball Conference; FIBA, FIBA Basketball World Cup, Spain and CSKA Basketball
  • Stadium and Venue Conferences; CAFÉ, FIFA, Norway FA and GL Events
  • Turf and Grass Conference; FIFA, FIH, World Rugby, Mapel and FIGC
  • Healthy Stadia Conference; European Healthy Stadia Network, World Heart Foundation, SPFL, Living Streets and World Rugby

ISC Geneva 2014 Conferences Day 2

  • International Football Conference; Mayor, City of Geneva, Faroe Islands, Denmark FA, Barbados FA
  • International Football Scouting; FIFA TMS, Romania FA
  • International Sports Digital; Twitter, You Tube/Google, Facebook
  • Sports Education and Recruitment; Birkbeck Sport Business, Education Legacy Sochi, Networks
  • Sports Law; ICSS, FIA
  • Stadia Architects and Design; HRS, FINA, ICSS
  • Sports Technology; AISTS, GPS Technology, Juventus Technology
  • Sports Environment and Sustainability; Green Sports Alliance, Benefits of Sustainability Reporting and Sports Facilities 

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