Meeting sports management passionates!

Busy weeks for MSc in Sports Industry Management students… once they got back from their winter break, students jumped right back into it and travelled to the French Alps to attend their second semester of classes! A semester rich in encounters with actors in Sports management industry.

From attending courses such as Strategies of the main sports players, Retailing Landscape, Brand Marketing & Communication, Sports Marketing , Product Marketing & Innovation, Purpose led leadership taught by industry experts to working on two company missions with Saint Raphaël Handball Club and Nike, the students are getting a full scope of this dynamic industry! What’s more is that as part of this second semester sports management students have had the unique opportunity to visit the Olympique Lyonnais Football Club where they met with Nathan Constancias, programme graduate now working as Project Manager BtoC for OL. Following this visit, students met with Virginie Després, Human Resources Manager for adidas and Jean Marc Pambet, President of Salomon!

Let’s have a look back at these sports industry encounters…

Getting a 360° view of the Olympique Lyonnais Park

Students were welcomed by Nathan Constancias, MSc in Sports Industry Management graduate now working as Project Manager BtoC for Olympique Lyonnais. After giving the cohort a tour of the facilities (Stadium, VIP lounges and Presidential box), Nathan spent time with current students and answered all of their questions in one of the press release auditoriums.  Students were eager to hear about Nathan’s experience in one of France’s major football clubs and they wanted to understand how he managed to land an internship and first job at OL. When talking about his current role in sports management at Olympique Lyonnais, Nathan stressed the fact that OL aims at becoming a key location for all kinds of events including sports events, concerts etc. Their goal is to have people over at the OL Park 365 days a year… not just during soccer games. Also, Nathan highlighted the fact that students need to take full advantage of the professional network they have access to in the programme and that it’s crucial for them to seize every opportunity they have to interact with sports industry experts.

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Stay tuned: video interviews with current students and Nathan Constancias will be posted in the next few days !

Discovering adidas with one of the Human Resources Manager

Following their visit of the Olympique Lyonnais Park, this year’s cohort met with Virginie Després, Human Resources Manager for adidas. During a privileged face to face meeting, Mrs Després gave a brief introduction of the multinational company and took time to answer all of the students’ questions. From detailing the recruitment process of adidas to giving students advice on how to build their CV and cover letters and explaining to them how to stand out in front of recruiters, students got a good grasp of adidas’ values and search for talent.

Sports management : Entering the world of Amer Sports in the French Alps

As part of the BtoC and retailing in sports module, this year’s cohort went to visit Amer Sports in Annecy and received a keynote speech from Jean Marc Pambet, President of the Salomon brand. They also met with students from last year’s cohort currently interning at Amer Sports in positions including EMEA Sales Operations Assistant, Assistant Footwear Category Line Manager Wilson Sporting goods, Footwear Commercial Assistant, Product Manager Assistant, E-Shop Assistant and EMEA Sales Tools Coordinator Assistant.

Sports management                            Sports management (4)                                

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While these visits allowed current students to discover sports companies specialised in different sectors (retail, sports entertainment etc.), these meetings were also very enriching for this year’s cohort as students got to interact with their peers and get a good picture of what their career in the sports management industry will be like after the programme!

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