How to make the most of your sports internship

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sports internshipWith the MSc in Sports Industry Management from EMLYON, students get the opportunity to network and create contacts with key industry professionals. Brands that have pledged their support to the programme include Adidas, Arc’teryx, Atomic, CNPC Sports, Eider, Lafuma, Mavic, Millet, Odlo, Patagonia, Petzl, Salomon, Tecnica, The North Face, TSL Outdoor, Volcom, Vuarnet and Wilson.

So you’ve just landed the internship of your dreams with a top player in the international sports management sector. But how do you make the most of this opportunity? Brian Clapp from shares the top tips to optimising your sports internship:

1.       Be observant

Observe the organisation as much as possible to see where you might be able to assist. He says, “Watch out for who is struggling to keep up and which departments are clearly under-staffed. By listening to the employees in various work groups, you will start to see inefficiencies in the workflow, inefficiencies you may be able to fill.”  You never know what opportunities this could lead to after the internship!

2.       Work extra hours – quietly

Put the extra effort in and it will demonstrate your commitment. Don’t brag about it, however, as it will look insincere.

3.       Be proactive vs passive

Clapp shares some great advice about offering to help your seniors, rather than asking what else you can do.  He says: “If you really want to be a Director someday, go up to the Director and say “Hi, I’m (insert your name). I’m an intern and I have some free time, can I help you?” Big difference between saying “can I help you?” and “what else can I do?”

EMLYON’s Careers Service offers coaching workshops and individual coaching sessions to help prepare you for interacting and networking with industry professionals. Not only does this give you the right questions to ask, but it increases your confidence in your ability to talk on their level.

4.       Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions as you will not be expected to know everything. Just make sure you actively listen to the answer!

 5.       Cultivate your new network

Once your internship has finished, keep a record of what you gained from the process and the feedback you received. It’s also important to follow-up with an email to your intern coordinator and/or line manager thanking them for the opportunity and telling them when you’re due to graduate and therefore available for a full-time position.

MSc in Sports Industry Management graduates have gone on to hold high positions in companies like Nike France, Paris Saint Germain Football Club, FC Barcelona and 5ème Element.

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