Discovering the industry with sports experts

A few weeks after the programme started back in October 2016, MSc in Sports Industry Management students had the unique opportunity to meet and interact with top level sports experts of the industry.

Working on first company mission with Lagardère Sports & Entertainment

sports expertsThis was the first chance for students to work on a real business case with sports experts. Lagardère Sports & Entertainment – a leading global sports marketing agency-  asked the students to work on the following case: « Chinese corporations of the electronic appliances sector are looking into Europe and need to improve their notoriety as well as their image to connect more precisely with French customers ». Divided into 6 teams, the cohort had to analyse, in this context, how French football clubs and teams can convince these companies and become their partners/sponsors? What drivers can they use? What do they offer? etc. After working on their mission for several days, the 6 groups presented their findings by taking into account the point of view of Chinese companies, the values of football and a benchmark of Chinese companies investing in the sector in other European countries. They gave a short presentation in front of Yoann Godin, Senior Marketing Director at Lagardère Sports.


Learning about Roland Garros with sports experts

Showcasing how this world-renowned tournament became a financial windfall for the French Tennis Federation, but also key for the image of France and the city of Paris, Corporate Moderator and Sports Presenter Yan Kuszak, who works in collaboration with Roland Garros, came to give a lecture to the students. The title of his lecture was « Roland Garros, understanding the economic issues at a time when the stadium needs to be refreshed and the tournament needs to modernise itself to stay in the global competition ». In addition to this topic, Mr. Kuszak also drew a parallel with Paris’s 2024 bidding for the Olympics.

“I was inspired the most by the interactions with actual professionals and experts working presently in the industry. This was more than a lecture with professors, this was about getting to ask questions about what is going on now in the different sport industries and getting answers that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find in a text book or a PowerPoint slide. It was inspiring to get first-hand knowledge from these experts and learn about real life problems that they face in their respective jobs to better prepare us for what lies ahead in our career.”  – Morounfoluwa, current MSc in Sports Industry Management student

Finishing off the semester with the Marketing Director of Paris Saint-Germain club

sports expertsTo conclude the semester on emlyon business school’s Paris campus, students had the pleasure of welcoming Michel Mimran, Marketing Director of Paris Saint-Germain club. During an hour and a half, Mr. Mimran talked about the current challenges the club has to face in an ever-growing competitive environment where financial and economic stakes are very high. He finished his lecture with a Q&A session allowing students to ask all of their questions to this high-end representative of the Paris Saint-Germain club.

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