Shanghai workshop: how to cultivate an innovative approach

Shanghai workshop: how to cultivate an innovative approach

MSc in Sports Industry Management students recently attended a valuable workshop which taught them how to be more innovative. The students participated in the workshop during their time at emlyon business school‘s Asian campus in Shanghai. Over three days the students discussed and planned how a Chinese start-up could use the sports industry as an

Destination Marketing for sports events: a complex affair

MSc in Sports Industry Management students at emlyon business school are soon to begin a new module on Destination Marketing. The course is taught by Spring Han, a professor specialising in marketing, operations management and event management. Dr Han makes it clear to the students : “While Destination Marketing is a type of marketing, it

Shanghai experience: sports passionnates from last year’s cohort talk about their experience

We caught up with sports passionnates Thomas C. and Antoine M. who are two students from last year’s cohort. Thomas C. talks about his In-Company Project with Puma in Shanghai! What would you say about your semester in Shanghai? I really enjoyed the third part of the programme in Shanghai, because it allowed us to

Starting the semester with a dedicated Sports Week

Once the cohort arrives to Shanghai, all students benefit from an induction week called the “sports week” where they get to meet industry professionals, go on a mystery retail shopping tour and attend different lectures about the Asian business environment and the challenges the region is currently facing. After receiving a welcome speech and an

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Sports management students attend first ever ISPO Shanghai 2015!

Image by ISPO SHANGHAI 2015 Sports management students of the MSc in Sports Industry Management were privileged to attend the first ever ISPO Shanghai sports conference in July 2015! Taking place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), sports management students attended the leading sports conference during their semester studying Asian sports management at EMLYON’s Asian campus

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Work on sports projects with Puma, Decathlon & Salomon in Shanghai – Prof. Bruzzone tells us more!

As a student of the MSc in Sports Industry Management you will spend 4 months studying at EMLYON’s Asian Campus in Shanghai and complete an In-Company Sports Project with a leading sports brand in China. Gaining industry work experience in China, a booming world region in the sports industry, as well as demonstrating your ability to apply academic

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Popular Sports in China

Lin Dan, China at London 2012. Image by Antony Stanley China is known the world over for its world-class reputation in sports like table tennis, badminton, diving, figure skating and gymnastics, with Chinese athletes winning countless Olympic medals for their country. Basketball, football and badminton are hugely popular spectator sports in Chinese culture, with popular

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Sports in China: the world’s second largest sports industry

Image by Allan Ajifo Sports in China is booming. The Chinese sporting goods market has become the second largest in the world after the U.S, according to the Sporting Goods Industry China 2015 report produced by EDM Publications, ISPO and EMLYON. The potential for further strong growth is huge, with the Chinese government taking measures to